PO30 4LP

Registered Charity 1041302

Meet in the Village Hall 7pm-9pm

Please note:  Meetings are always held on the 2nd Thursday in the month and in the Porchfield Village Hall unless stated otherwise (see opposite.)

Additional costs on the evening may occur to cover costs of materials.

First time visit will be £3.00 (deducted from fee) £25 yearly fee Thank you

Come and join us and have some time for you and make new friends.

All enquiries please contact Jean 07484670147

Ladies we would love to see and welcome you to our lovely ladies group.  We have guest speakers, quizzes, afternoon teas, craft evenings and lots more………  

Thursday 13th February Speaker (she was only the lighthouse

                                                                  Keepers daughter)

Thursday 12th March  Jewellery Making – Beads

Thursday 9th April  Easter Craft

Thursday 14th May  Quiz Evening

Thursday 11th June  Afternoon tea Sportsman’s pub Porchfield  3pm

Thursday 9th July    Holmwood - Cowes    evening meal     6.30pm

No Meeting in August

Thursday 10th August  Speaker – Food Bank

Thursday 8th October  Ghost Talk - Partners welcome

Thursday 12th November Cineworld eve / Christmas crafts   (tbc)

Thursday 10th Dec Christmas meal – Horse & Groom      12.00 noon

The Ladies Group will be back